Hello! We are Kasey & Amy! 

Candle-obsessed sisters, creatives and founders of Lee and Lou Collections. 

Fun Fact - The name “Lee and Lou” was derived from our middle names - Kasey “Lee” & Amy “Lou”ise:) 


When people ask how we started our business we always have to giggle, as we actually started it by accident back in 2015 in our tiny kitchens on the Sunshine Coast.

As chronic candle burners, we wanted to attempt making our own candles for Amy’s wedding favour gifts. So we set to learning how to make our very own soy wax candles, and well, they were a huge success! We were making more candles than we could possibly burn ourselves. So we started selling them at markets most weekends, whilst also having full time jobs and kids! 

And Lee and Lou grew from there.


At Lee and Lou there are no conveyer belts, no employees and no short cuts!

It’s just us...... two girls with one dream.

We, Kasey & Amy, do it all... we develop the products, we create all of our own social media content and posts, we are the IT geeks who work tirelessly behind the website, keeping it fresh and up to date, we design the product labels & packaging, we personally reply back to all of your emails & messages, we pack the orders, we send the orders and we hand pour each and every product -

we do it all,  just us two.


Above all else we are professional, hardworking creatives. It is our mission to bring you the highest quality lifestyle home fragrance products on the market today that will effortlessly suit any home decor style.

Combining exquisite design, bespoke vessels, delicious fragrances, sustainable materials, premium ingredients, and exquisite packaging all hand crafted by us.


We believe in making the best there is!


To us, you are more than a number, you are the most important part of our small business and we know we wouldn’t be here without YOU!

We are currently stocked in a wide range of retail and wholesale spaces around the country and loved by thousands of online customers too! And we couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved so far.


We won’t sell you anything less then perfect; When you buy a Lee and Lou product, you are buying years of research, sleepless nights, bickering, endless testing, lots of patients, failures, successes, sweat and tears.

You are buying our experience, our love, our dreams, and most of all our hard work. You aren't just buying a candle or a diffuser, you are buying quality hand poured and hand crafted products from an Australian small business, owned by two sisters.

And we thank you for supporting our dream.


From our hands to yours x


Kasey & Amy

Founders & Creators

O U R  S T O R Y