Candle Care Kit
Candle Care Kit
Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit

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We all love our candles and to ensure a prolonged candle life we need to take good care of it.

The LEE & LOU Candle Care Kit includes the perfect tools to help improve candle safety and to ensure an even, long-lasting burn for the life of your candle.


Our Candle Care Kit comes with three important and functional tools:


WICK TRIMMER - Quickly and easily trims wicks before every burn. Trimming the wick (both cotton and wood) will prevent mushrooming and sooting and also will help prolong the life of the candle.

CANDLE SNUFFER - A safe and effective way to extinguish your candle. Using a snuffer will prevent hot wax from splattering on yourself or your furniture, it won't create as much smoke and it will avoid you touching the hot vessel. An essential candle accessory.

WICK DIPPER - It is used to extinguish the flame of your candle. Use the dipper to push the cotton wick over into the pool of melted wax. This will eliminate the smoke and also it can be used to straighten the cotton wick ( if necessary) before the next burn. It can also be used to clean the edge of the vessel. The perfect multi-purpose tool for the candle owner.

THE TRAY - Will keep your tools neat & tidy and always near your candles for an efficient use.


Add a LEE & LOU USB Lighter to your candle care kit for only $29.95 (usually $39.95 if purchased separately) 


The Candle Care Kit is an excellent gift idea for the candle lover and also is an essential tool for taking care of your new scented candle.



Wick Trimmer Dimensions: 60mmW x 180mmL
Snuffer Dimensions: 24mmW x 190mmL (full length extended)    Handle 158mm x 7mm x 4mm
Dipper Dimensions: 17mmW x 200mmL
Tray: 96mmW x 230mmL

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