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My new obsession Lee and Lou Candles

by mrstinkblog

One of life’s little luxuries that I love (other than champagne) is candles. I have candles in every room of the house – even the toilet. I love the feeling that wafts over you from the aroma of a gorgeous candle as it fills the room with its scent. Lighting a beautiful candle never fails to make me feel sophisticated. For many years, my way of winding down is turning off the lights, popping a bottle of bubbly (note: do this before dimming the lights, nothing is sexy about broken glass and fumbling in the dark), lighting lots and lots of candles, and soaking up some great tunes while washing all the crazy and stress away.

Recently I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect candle for my closet (yes, even my clothes love candles). I wanted something that smelt fresh and delicious but also had to look fabulous while burning or sitting on my dressing room table. I looked high and low until I stumbled upon a luxe candle company called Lee and Lou.

Lee and Lou specialise in not only bringing gorgeous smelling candles into your home but also creating candles that look like a piece of art in your living area. In my experience, the better the display the more bland the candle is. However, after viewing the Lee and Lou collection this theory was shattered. Each of their candles are hand poured and created on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, they’re made with only the best ingredients and then set in the most luxe glass jars.

One candle that made me weak at the knees and had my closet’s name written all over it was the Spiced Pear Martini. It was a