These cool Quote Diffusers come in a choice of a Matte Black bottle or a Clear Bottle both with a copper collar.

They are infused with our finest fragrance oils, these fragrances were selected for their individual characteristics and carefully blended to deliver an unmatched scent throw.


Our unique scents will be absorbed by the Black Diffuser Sticks made of dacron for an enhanced scent throw.


They will fragrance your entire room for 8+ months. 


Directions :


Find the perfect location in your home, remove the plastic stopper and place the sticks into the diffuser.


If diffuser oil is spilt, wipe up asap!

Always keep the diffuser on a coaster (or something similar) to protect the surface from any spills.


To ensure you gain the maximum pleasure and longevity from your Lee & Lou experience, please read our FAQ page & safety instructions before opening.

Scented Quote Diffuser "SURF, SUN & SEX...WAX !"

  • This one will turn anyone into a Kelly Slater !!!


    Exactly what you think a day at the beach smells like. 


    -Beach Days-


    The familiar and comforting scents of a day at the beach.. combining sunshine, hydrating coconut oil, orange blossom, vanilla and a touch of sand ;)


    Top notes: Bergamot, Beach grass, Pineapple
    Mid notes: Orange flower, Coconut
    Base notes: Sand, Driftwood, Vanilla

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