Candle Refill - Vase Candle
Candle Refill - Vase Candle

Candle Refill - Vase Candle

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We are proud to be one of Australia’s very 1st Zero Waste Candle Manufacturers.

We provide the amazing solution of refilling your empty candle jars with an insert of pure scented CocoSoy Wax.

A candle jar refill is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to reuse your Lee & Lou candle glassware over and over again.
  • Hand-poured with a blend of pure fragrance oils & natural CocoSoy wax including Cotton Wicks.

  • New fragrance label included to help you keep track of which fragrance you are currently burning.
  • Candle Type: Vase Candle 
  • 1.5kg

**This product listing is for the wax refill insert only - which will fit into the LEE & LOU Vase Candle vessel only. Must have this exact vessel to suit, otherwise the candle will not burn effectively. *Vessel not included.

**Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to use your CANDLE REFILL INSERT. 

Instructions for use:
1. Clean your empty jar: Remove any left over wax, soak empty jar in hot soapy water (pure soy wax dissolves easily in water) dislodge metal wick holder from base, wash jar until clean and wipe dry.
2. Remove refill from packaging, peel off the tape cover of the wick tab on the bottom of the refill. 
3. Insert the refill into the glass jar.
4. Press the refill down into the jar to adhere the sticky wick tab to the jar.
5. Light wick and burn candle until the melt pool reaches the edges of jar (do not extinguish the flame until this happens) This sets the candles burn memory and ensures an even burn for the lifetime of your candle.

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