Reuse, Restyle & Refill

Do you have lots of burnt empty candles shoved at the back of your cupboard??

Our glassware is much too pretty to be hidden away! 

Simply reuse, restyle or refill it! 

Here are some tips how..


To prepare your empty glassware for reuse you will need to safely remove any leftover wax and the wick holder from the base.

To do this we suggest filling your vessel with hot (not boiling) water and letting the wax melt and rise to the surface. Once the water is cooled the wax will have solidified on the top and can be easily scooped out and placed in the bin. Use a spoon or butter knife to dislodge the wick from the base then clean the vessel throughly with hot soapy water.


Our candles are housed in stunning glassware!

They are the perfect styling accessory for your home and have been designed for ongoing use beyond the lifespan of the candle.

Our beautiful glassware can be utilised a number of ways, some of our faves are:

-Storing the essentials in the kitchen like coffee, sugar & tea.

-As a gorgeous vase.

-On the desk as a pen holder.

-In the bathroom to store makeup brushes or cotton tips.


We provide the amazing solution of refilling your empty Bloom candle jars with an insert of pure scented CocoSoy Wax.

A candle jar refill is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to reuse your Lee & Lou candle glassware over and over again.

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