Why Choose Lee & Lou

Here are the important bits - 

-Hand poured by us! 2 sisters - Kasey & Amy

-Australian Made

-Designed in Australia

-We source our ingredients from only the best Australian Suppliers 

-We are family owned & run

-Our candles are poured with only the finest CocoSoy Wax

-Sustainably sourced wood wicks - For every 100 wicks we buy, another tree gets planted.

-Our products are made with love. 

-We are a small business who values and appreciates each and every one of our beautiful customers. 

-We are always here to answer any questions you may have.

What type of Wax does Lee & Lou Collections use for their candles?

At Lee & Lou, we use only the pure CocoSoy Wax.

It is Biodegradable, free from pesticides, and herbicides. Composed of non-petroleum renewable resources and derived from 100% natural soybean and Coconut oils. Cocosoy wax also contains no genetically modified materials. Our wax is not tested on animals.

Why are soy wax candles better?

Lee & Lou’s candles are made with 100% pure CocoSoy Wax. Soy is non-toxic, burns cleaner then other paraffin wax candles and therefore far better for the environment and for you!

Our soy wax candles produce 95% less soot then other paraffin candles, and far less smoke. They burn at a safer, cooler temperature, unlike paraffin candles – which have an extremely high & dangerous burn temp.

CocoSoy wax is much easier to clean up, as it is water soluble – just use warm soapy water.

What kind of wick is used in Lee & Lou Collections Candles?

We use all natural, sustainably sourced wooden wicks & lead free cotton wicks in our candles.

Wooden wicks are beautiful to watch & listen too while burning. Yes you can hear a slight crackling sound as they burn - reminiscent of a log fire! They have a cleaner burn with no leftover debris or wick buildup like the cotton wicks. Wood wicks also have a longer burn time which helps maximise the life of your Lee & Lou Candle