The Lee & Lou Difference

Not all candles are the same… 

Here’s what to look for…. This might surprise you!

First - Let’s talk CANDLE WAX

It’s probably safe to say you are a fellow candle addict… Like the rest of us; Burning candles all over your house… are we correct ?? 

And we hate to be THAT person, but if you aren’t burning LEE & LOU candles, you might not be doing yourself any favours with those “other” candle brands.

Let us ask you this … 

Do you know what “type” of candles you are burning ?? 


If you have bought mass produced candles from major department stores (we promise we won’t judge)

they are more then likely full of harmful chemicals! 

Some mass produced department store candles can send a lot of toxic junk into the air. And with candles burning for hours on end in a closed up house over winter, these toxic fumes can be pretty unhealthy.


Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and it’s the most commonly used wax in mass produced candles! 

Paraffin wax releases harmful toxins into the air while it burns!!! 

Any candle brand that reads “Soy Blend” on the label … WATCH OUT! 

Lots of the big name candle brands use the words “Soy Blend” as a safe word for marketing purposes!!! This generally means they “blend” a tiny amount of soy wax with other toxic waxes like good old paraffin wax as it is a lot cheaper to do this! 

I know right !!!! 

At LEE & LOU we ALWAYS hand pour our candles in small batches with 100% NATURAL CocoSoy Wax.

We never have and never will cut corners by using cheap toxic waxes.

Please always make sure you know your product & be wary of what harmful chemicals you could be bringing into your home.


Have you ever bought a candle with a cotton wick and noticed there is a little wire in the centre of the wick?? Well, that is a lead core and when you burn a candle with a lead core, it emits toxic lead into the air!

Burn these candles often and in enclosed spaces and there is even a potential for lead poisoning! There is no amount of lead that is safe to ingest and while it is now illegal to manufacture candles with lead-cored wicks in Australia, mass produced candles made overseas where you find in pretty much every big department store here may still have them.

If you have candles in your house which have a cotton wick with a lead-core, throw them out, especially if you have children.

At LEE & LOU, we only ever use lead free cotton wicks & sustainably sourced natural Wooden Wicks. 

For every 100 wood wicks we buy, another tree gets planted. Now that is amazing!! Not only are wooden wicks 100% natural, they also look stunning, creating a beautiful ambiance while burning.

We have found that wooden wick candles have a better scent throw when burning. Wooden wicks create a horizontal flame that throws more heat into your candle quicker, so even though it burns slower and lower, a wooden wick candle will heat up the fragrance oils faster and create a stronger scent throw into your room in less time.

Did this surprise you ??