Car Fragrance Diffuser - Refill
Car Fragrance Diffuser - Refill
Car Fragrance Diffuser - Refill

Car Fragrance Diffuser - Refill

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Need a top up for your Lee & Lou Car Fragrance Diffuser? Well we've got you covered!

Our refill bottles include 30ml of fragrance mixture which will completely refill your Lee & Lou Car Fragrance Diffuser 3 times over!

Here is what we recommend:
– Diffusers can become clogged with dust after frequent use, therefore we only recommend refilling 3 times over.
– Stick to the same fragrance when refilling, as the timber lid will be saturated with the first fragrance and wont mix that well with a new fragrance.
– Replace your Diffuser with a new one after the three refills.

Bottle includes a dropper lid for easy use.

This listing is for ONE refill bottle filled with your choice of Fragrance.

How long do the Car Fragrance Diffusers last?:

They last for approximately 4 - 6 months (or even longer!) if looked after correctly (it depends how often the liquid is being refreshed) 

How do the Car Fragrance Diffusers work?:

By GENTLY tipping the bottle upside down for ONE second to wet the timber top with fragrance. The fragrance is activated and able to be smelt whilst the timber top is wet, once the timber top dries out, the fragrance will need refreshing again; Refresh the fragrance every week or so when the scent is not as strong and/or can't be smelt. (see instructions below)

Is Lee & Lou an Australian brand? 

Yes we are! We are family owned & operated since 2015 and based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

Is your wax 100% natural? 

It sure is! Our wax is a blend of pure Coconut & Soy waxes. Biodegradable, free from pesticides, and herbicides. Composed of non-petroleum renewable resources and derived from 100% natural soybean and Coconut oils. It contains no genetically modified materials. Vegan & not tested on animals.

Why are Coconut Soy wax candles better?

Coconut Soy wax is 100% natural & non-toxic, burns cleaner than paraffin wax candles and therefore far better for the environment and yourself. Our candles produce 95% less soot than paraffin candles, and far less smoke. They burn at a safer, cooler temperature, unlike paraffin candles – which have an extremely high & dangerous burn temp. Coconut Soy wax is also much easier to clean up, as it is water soluble – just use warm soapy water to clean.

Can you refill and/or reuse the glassware? 

Absolutely! Our Bloom candles are refillable, we offer wax refill inserts for these. Our Vase candles can be repurposed as a stunning vase. All of our glassware can be reused to store everyday household items including cotton wool, make-up brushes, jewellery dishes, pen holders, vases etc. 

What kind of wick is used in Lee & Lou Candles?

We use both natural wood wicks & lead free cotton wicks in our candles. Our wood wicks have been sustainably sourced, for every 100 wicks we buy, another tree gets planted!

Do I need to trim a wood wick?

To ensure a clean even burn for the life of your candle, we do advise to remove (by either pinching or trimming) the soft ashy part of the wick off prior to each burn.

What fragrances do you use? 

Our suppliers produce our high quality fragrance oils right here in Australia using only the finest raw materials. LEE & LOU are proud to be working alongside them to bring our customers some of the best fragrances in the world.

Are your candles “Triple Scented”?

We are busting the misleading “Triple Scented” marketing myth which the big brand names use; Consumers are led to believe the candle contains ”three times more fragrance” than a standard candle; This is not true! Candle wax has a limit on how much fragrance can be added thus not being able to add “triple the amount of scent”

The false marketing phrase “Triple Scented” refers to having all 3 scent notes contained in a fragrance; top, middle & base notes.

I like strong smelling candles; Are your products highly scented? 

Each LEE & LOU candle contains the maximum allowable fragrance load to safely give you the strongest scent possible.

What is your most popular fragrance? 

We have an extensive range of fragrances to suit every preference, from floral to fruity and oriental to gourmand. Each individual has their own taste, therefore what is a favourite to some, might not be for others. We do recommend reading through our fragrance descriptions as we feature the fragrance notes which make up the fragrance as a whole. We are always happy to help with any questions you may have. 

I'm not sure what fragrance to choose… Can I sample the fragrances first before buying a large candle? 

Sure can! We offer sample candles so you can experience the scent before committing to a full-sized purchase.

What are the most important tips I should do to care for my candle? 

When lighting your candle for the first time, it is very important to allow the wax to melt all the way out to the sides of the vessel. This will ensure a consistent burn each and every time. Another important tip: Each time you relight your candle, always trim the black soft ashy part off the wick, this will always give you the best flame! Your candle will thank you for it...

Will the diffuser scent my large open plan living area? 

Definitely! Our diffusers are a large 200ml size, which will scent a large open plan area for up to 12 months!

Do I need to flip my diffuser sticks? 

We use an advanced form of woven fibre sticks, they don’t dry out like timber sticks do, hence no need to flip! Although, if you like a stronger, more intense scent from your diffuser, you can flip the sticks every so often if preferred.

How long will my Diffuser last?

Our Diffusers will last (on average) up to 12 months+ (depending on the size of the area and how often the sticks are flipped) We have even known some of our diffusers to last over 18 months!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes we do! Simply select the “gift wrapping” option on the product page.

IMPORTANT- Please read the following instructions & information thoroughly before use.


  1. Twist and remove the timber lid. Carefully remove the clear plastic stopper from the top of the bottle & KEEP THIS STOPPER AS IT DOES NEED TO BE PUT BACK IN THE DIFFUSER AFTER (for safety reasons).
  2. Replace and tighten the timber lid. QUICKLY BUT GENTLY tip the diffuser up for A SPLIT SECOND ONLY to allow a tiny amount of fragrance to absorb into the timber lid. DO NOT OVER SATURATE (this can cause leakage)
  3. Remove timber lid & rotate it around in a circular motion to allow the liquid to evenly absorb into the inside of the lid. (blot any excess liquid that is not absorbing into the timber with a paper towel)
  4. Replace the plastic stopper (VERY IMPORTANT) *Stops any leaks or spills from happening when the vehicle is in motion.
  5. Hang (at all times) in your car or around your home in a small confined space (NEVER LAY DIFFUSER DOWN OR LET TIMBER LID COME INTO CONTACT WITH ANY SURFACES)
  6. TO REFRESH THE FRAGRANCE: Repeat the above steps when the fragrance is not as strong and needs refreshing.

**Watch the "HOW TO" video below for step by step instructions on how to activate your Car Diffuser.

  • When in use, the plastic stopper must be kept in the bottle at all times to prevent spills.
  • Diffuser must be stored upright at all times to prevent leakage & not touch or rest on any nearby surfaces.
  • Any spills should be cleaned up immediately on any surface as any spilt liquid may cause damage.
  • Do not place the car diffuser anywhere that could cause interference with vehicle operation or obstruct the driver's vision.
  • Do not hang anywhere where it could bang & smash when on bumpy/corrugated roads. Do not place it near an open flame.
  • Do not store in vehicles when over 35C inside.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Wash hands after handling. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water. If eye irritation persists, seek medical advice. Do not ingest. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately

**The product information contained on this card is a guide & for general information purposes only. By purchasing & using this product, you are agreeing to the risks involved and agree that Lee & Lou Collections will not be held liable or accountable under any circumstances for improper use and/or for any damage that could occur from leakages of this product.

*Please note; Some beads may be slightly different colours/shades from what appears in the images, this is due to our bead supplier’s availability at the time of ordering. We do our best to minimise this from happening, but it is sometimes unavoidable.


STARFRUIT | HIBISCUS: A surprising exotic creation combining the fresh crispness of starfruit and the gentle, elegant scent of hibiscus.


PISTACHIO | SALTED CARAMEL | CITRUS: Fill your world with the iconic fragrance, inspired by a cult favourite body balm. Experience the scrumptious blend of smooth salted caramel, candied pistachios & decedent vanilla bean blended with juicy citrus. This scent will transport your mind to an idyllic Brazilian beach vacay. Become wrapped up by this amazing signature fragrance, equally as delicious as it is sophisticated, reflecting the scent of summer all year round. One of our BEST SELLERS!


COCONUT MILK | TAHITIAN LIME | VANILLA: A refreshing, classic scent with the perfect balance of subtle coconut and citrus sweetness of Tahitian lime and vanilla.


VANILLA | OUD WOOD | LEATHER: Intoxicating and buttery smooth. A complex combination of rich and exotic scents to create a heavenly and unforgettable aroma. Oud, a sought-after fragrance used in high-end perfumes, is the star of this blend. Its captivating scent, combined with citrus and violet top notes, as well as light musk, cedar wood, guaiac wood, and milk, creates a truly exquisite fragrance.


GARDENIA | STAR JASMINE | LILY OF THE VALLEY: The alluring and timeless aroma of Gardenia flowers in full bloom. A classic floral scent, truly capturing the natural beauty found within this elegant white flower.


LEMON PEEL | LEAFY GREEN | SUGAR CANE: This fragrance is a sweet and indulgent scent that captures the rich and tangy essence of Italian limoncello liqueur made from lemon zest. Its strong citrusy aroma will fill any room with the fresh scent of lemon groves transporting you to the sun-drenched coast of Southern Italy. It's perfect for uplifting and energising your home.


ORANGE PEEL | TOASTED COCONUT | ORANGE FLOWER: A sun-kissed, beachy combination of ripe pineapple, juicy melon and zingy orange peels wrapped in a floral bouquet of jasmine and orange flower, followed by accents of toasted coconut, tonka bean, white musk and vanilla make this fragrance, a great choice for summer.


MAGNOLIA | MYRRH | TONKA BEAN: A warm, sophisticated and modern scent with an oriental feel. At the heart is the richness of myrrh and musk complimented by floral touches of heliotrope, magnolia and jasmine. Captivating aromatic hints of tonka bean, amber and vetiver beautifully finish this mystical aroma.


STRAWBERRY | CHAMPAGNE | ROSE: A distinctive combination of ripe strawberries and raspberries with notes of champagne and roses.


JASMINE | BERGAMOT | YLANG YLANG: With the subtlety of rosewood, this is a delicate and clean fragrance that also combines bergamot, jasmine and ylang-ylang


ESPRESSO | HAZELNUTS | COCOA: Tame your morning coffee cravings and get your first hit of caffeine with the aromatic fragrance of a barista made coffee! A deliciously creamy blend of warm chocolate, freshly roasted coffee beans and toasted hazelnuts. Balanced by the sweetness of vanilla bean and candied almonds. Our signature brew will not only warm your soul, but energise you for a productive day ahead.


TAHITIAN FLORALS | COCONUT CREAM | PEACH NECTAR: An enticing tropical aroma of silky Coconut Cream, White Tahitian Florals & freshly grated Green Coconuts. You'll feel like you are in the tropics after one sniff of this exquisitely silky, subtly sweet, yet fresh floral fragrance.


CITRUS | RASPBERRY | MUSK: Loaded with a blend of refreshing tropical fruits such as fresh orange, lemon and dragonfruit. Drenched in sweet fruity musks, raspberries & vanilla bean. It's a perfect scent for any time of the year, but guaranteed to bring in those summer vibes!


CARAMEL | BUTTER | VANILLA: Delicious and creamy with gorgeous aromas of vanilla, burnt sugar & white chocolate blended with creamy caramel, melted butter, and chopped nuts to create this delightful fragrance. It is truly delicious & will fill any space with a warm inviting aroma.


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A must have for any candle addict and they are the perfect companion for your favourite Lee & Lou Candle.
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